What is Graph Game Bonus? Have a Better Solution Now

What is a bonus in a social graph game? This is a reward given to the user who finally received the winnings before the final ending dividend is busted. In order to receive the graphgame bonus, it is necessary to predict the final ending dividend, so careful play through graph game analysis is required.

The Bonus Amounts and More

The basis of the bonus amount within the social graph site is 1% of the total bet for the round. If 4 users bet 400, 300, 200, 100 money, the total bet amount is 1000 money, and the total bonus amount is 10 money, 1%. The bonus amount distribution is based on the user who bets the largest amount. If the user who bets 400 money wins, the ratio of the total bonus amount to 10 money is 1/40, and the standard for receiving bonus amount for all users is 1/40 In this case, if the user who bets 400 money wins, they will receive all bonus amounts alone. 

  • If the user who bets 200 money wins, he receives a bonus of 5 money equal to 1/40, and the remaining 5 money out of the total bonus amount of 10 money goes back to the graph site user who won the next highest bet. There is a 1% chance that the final ending dividend is determined as 0 dividends (0x), in which case the bonus is not paid. However, in all cases except in this case, bonuses are paid.

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Graph site-What is the exchange rate?

What is the exchange rate of Graph Site? This is the rate of return the company gets, set between 0% and 1% of the user bet. However, since 1% of the total bet is redistributed as a bonus, as a result, you can earn more than the set exchange rate by earning a bonus according to the user’s skill level.

There is no need to worry about betting as all closing payouts have already been decided. For example, even if you play very safe, there is no way in bustabit to prevent this. (For example, if you bet 100 bits and stop at 1.02x to make a profit of 2 bits, a 1% exchange rate is 50% of your potential profit!) Bustabit’s original exchange rate formula is very safe to play ( It is designed to be fair for both fast cash out) and aggressive play. All games on소셜그래프게임Graph are very fair.

  • The exact formula for the expected return is given below.
  • To get a quick feel for how this formula can be applied in practice, it is convenient to use the exchange rate calculator.

One important point is that there is a 1% chance of winning a payout of 0.00x for all games. This is because you have to spend money on bonuses, not for bustabit’s profit. This is an important consideration when playing without expecting bonuses.

Graph Site-How is the end dividend determined?

There are three steps to calculating the end dividend for Graph Site. First, we mix the clientSeed (determined by a fair seed event) with the hmac-sha256 hash.

  • Second, a 0.00x dividend with 1% probability is determined. If it is not 0.00 x dividends, check what dividend is through the hash mixture value.
  • Third, after reducing the multiplier of the selected dividend by 1%, the final dividend is determined by adding 0.01x times. So more than half of the total result (assuming you ignore the 0.00x you pay as a bonus) is at least 1.99x.

In other words, if you bet 1.99x, you have a 50% chance of winning. (Again, if you ignore the 0.00x you pay as a bonus), if you put it into the formula for the expected profit described above, it is as follows.