What Are The Importance for Following Long term Poker

What is the long term in poker? This question often comes up in the mouths of players who are just starting out and wonder about their level. 

Are they winning players and will they remain so?

They know that some players are hot and that others are as successful as an ice cube is lucky not to melt in the Sahara in full sun. The more experienced players keep telling them that it is not necessary to focus on recent results to decide and judge whether or not they are players likely to make a profit from their practice of poker.

The advice of the judi domino 99 old-timers is simple, you have to trace your results and study them for the long term. But what is the long term? How do you know when a sample is representative? How to establish that the qualities of a player and his work have smoothed the effect of luck on his results?

The answer is that there really isn’t an answer. You don’t have to be Einstein to understand that it’s relative.

No time stamp designating a period is the long term

We agree, 50 hours of casino play is a longer term than 10 hours of casino play. So having an hourly gain of $ 30 over that 50 hour period is more impressive than earning $ 300 in 10 hours of play. But making $ 30 per hour during 500 hours of play is still better.

  • Likewise, an online player will have a better indication of his level of play by winning 3 blinds every 100 hands on a sample of 100,000 hands than by making the same profit on 1,000 hands.
  • Making a profit by playing poker over a long period of time is still a more important indication of good skill than a short period of time … but it does not tell us what the long term really is.
  • Opinions are divided, here are some estimates that will allow you to take into account the part of luck in your results.

In live poker, players only play one hand at a time. Typically, a casino player has a good indication after 500 hours of practice. The “long run” can be considered reached and an aggregate hourly profit of a few blinds can allow you to see yourself as a winning player.

The Internet Solutions

On the Internet, players compete for several hands simultaneously. As a result, they play hundreds of hands every hour. There, we will no longer talk about hours spent at the table to measure the long term. Many pros have suggested that 100,000 contested hands online provide a good picture of the long term.


By playing 100 hands per hour, it takes almost six months of practicing 40 hours per week to reach that mark. If you are in the green at this point, you are generally considered to be beating the game on skill and not luck.