Turkish roulette is a popular variant of roulette

The changing world is such that there is no certainty of life. Looking back, the past is unchangeable and we must not look back and regret things that we did not do. Risk-taking is thrilling and the game of gambling involves risk. In gambling, you have to risk on the valuables like money, property, or jewels.

Most games of gambling are played in casinos which is a large area attached to malls, spas, hotels, etc. Türkçe rulet is one such game that is very popular. It is not very difficult to play the game and has its origin from the traditional game of roulette.

Features of Turkish roulette

The Türkçe rulet features native speaking dealers that make the Turkish player comfortable while playing european roulette online. The decoration of the studio resembles the country which also attracts beginners to the game. Live games are being held for the Turkish-speaking people which makes the game very popular.

The online version of the game has a good interface and high-quality streaming that lets the player feel the vibe of the casino from the comfort of their home. The websites also have chat features and both male and female dealers that make the game even more appealing.

Playing the game

The game of Türkçe rulet was mainly inspired by the European version of roulette. The rules are similar and one will not face any difficulty in learning the game. One who has played European roulette will not have trouble to play this game.

The players only place bets, there are various kinds of bets available. Once the betting is closed, it is like any other roulette game where the dealer spins the ball into the rotating wheel. The ball rests in the winning number and the one who makes the correct prediction wins.

Payouts of the game

The game follows the standard format of European roulette. Betting on a number has a payout of 35:1 and out bets have different payouts like 1:1, 2:1.


Gambling has become popular and even the who do not play the game knows about gambling. Türkçe rulet has recently gained popularity, it is adapted from European roulette and has the same rules and payout. The main feature is that it has both male and female native speaking dealers and Asian built set that makes the game even popular among the Turkish speaking people.