The Best Online Poker Variants

Every poker player has their game of choice. To outrightly state one is better than another is subjective, isn’t it? However, for the purpose of this article, we’re going on popularity. We will be explaining to the novice gambler what the two best poker variants are online. Armed with this information and some helpful tips, you can choose whether you want to give them a try or not.

Texas Hold’em is Number One

Even the most anti Texas Hold’em player has to concede that this poker variant is number one. It combines the old five card draw elements with advanced strategy and maths to make it the best. Visit any local cardroom or online poker site and this game will have the most traffic in cash games and the largest prizepools available. Ultimately, that is what we want isn’t it? We want to play for the more money and that’s why Texas Hold’em is the best.

If you are new to poker, we suggest you spend time learning the rules. There are great poker strategy websites that give away a printable poker cheat sheet for free. All the major training sites have these and so do the reputable poker blogs too.

Our own tips for beginners are simple:

  1. Only enter the pots with strong holdings (pairs, big aces and paint cards)
  2. Raise or fold to start with
  3. Never bet more than the pot
  4. Start off playing very low stakes
  5. Don’t play long sessions

Pot Limit Omaha is Runners Up

In recent years, Pot Limit Omaha or PLO, has grown in popularity. It has similar traits to no limit texas hold’em but has the added benefit of more cards and more juice. Many players have transitioned from hold’em as they got tired playing the same game. PLO is very popular amongst Europeans who love the additional gamble that PLO has. In short, PLO lets players get involved with more hands and therefore a more action game.

Fortunately, there are loads of players that play this game poorly. They overplay hands that may seem strong in hold’em but practically worthless in Omaha. PLO is typically played short handed (6 max) and with 40 to 100 big blinds. Like Hold’em, position is power and the ability to bluff out competent players is readily available if you are observant. This is something the pros tip too.

Our basic PLO tips are here:

  1. Avoid playing two hands, ensure all 4 cards work well
  2. Stay active in later position
  3. Avoid overplaying overpairs
  4. Avoid overplaying low suited cards as they make small flushes
  5. Charge opponents by using the bet pot function

There you have it, the best online poker variants in 2022. With poker sites investing heavily in marketing and innovation, what games will bridge the gap or over-take texas hold’em or PLO in the future? Who knows? But we are excited to see what the future holds in the online gambling world, and poker in particular. For now, these two are the games to beat.

Image Source: Pexels