Teen Patti is both an easy and a simple casino as well as online games. A perfect way to understand and play this game is to know the rules and gameplay. Knowing that, here is a basic guide for the game.

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Here are some terminology of Teen Patti:

  • Hand: The three cards you receive in each round are called hands.
  • Round: Once a card is dealt, it is called a round until a player is declared the winner.
  • Seen: Any player who has seen their cards is called a seen player. To continue the game a seen player has to pay twice the amount of the running base bet.
  • Blind: Players who have not seen their cards are called blind players. A blind player can then increase the amount of base bets according to his own. However, in many games the base bet amount can be increase to a pot limit.
  • Chaal: The bet placed by the seen player is called chaal.
  • Boot: The minimum betting limit of the game is called a boot.
  • Fold: If a player, after seeing the card, realizes that he cannot fight for the winning position with that hand and wants to end the game there, then he has to leave his hand, and this is called fold.
  • Show: If one of the last two players wants to end the game by looking at the other player’s cards, then they will have to show it. To get the show done, the player has to pay double the amount of the original bet.
  • Pot Limit: There are also many three-card games where players cannot bet much larger than a set limit. This limit is called the pot limit.

Rules and Gameplay of Teen Patti

  • This game can be played between 4 or maximum 8 people. Players are ordered to deposit boot money before the game begins.
  • After this, each player is given three cards at a time. All these cards are given face-down.
  • The game starts now. If a player wants, he can see his cards as soon as he gets the cards. When he does this, he becomes a seen player.
  • If a seen player wants to continue the game, he has to pay twice the amount of betting that is going on at the time. Otherwise he can fold.
  • If the player wants to continue the game without looking at his card, he can remain in the game by paying only the speculative amount.
  • During this time, if any two seen players want to compete with each other, then they will have to sideshow. To get a sideshow, the first player will have to pay double the amount, however if the second player wants, he can also refuse for the sideshow. Keep in mind that only two side-sitting seen players can do the sideshow. When the sideshow is done, the basic work of the player’s hand is eliminated from the game.
  • Meanwhile, if the blind player wishes, he can increase the base bet of the round and accordingly the bet of continuing the game of the seen player also increases.
  • This game is played like this until only two players are left in the round.
  • The game is then played until both players have seen their card.
  • In the end, the winner of the game is decided by the show.