Slot Online: The Right Options in Choosing Your Machines

You’ve probably heard the name “slot machines” at least once in your life, right? And, since their invention, these fun machines have practically dominated the world with their simple and entertaining gameplay. Over time, slots have been reinvented and evolved to make sure they always bring you something fresh and new, while maintaining that signature touch that keeps us coming back to them again and again. However, you may not be aware of all the types of slot machines that are available, and if so, you are certainly missing out on a fascinating world. If you think that this is not your thing because you do not want to bet money, find out that you can play free slots without money, where the only problem you will have is to detach yourself from your mobile or computer. If you are curious about which slot modes are available online, say no more and let’s go.

Classic or single coin machines

This type of machine is probably what you imagine when you think of traditional slot machines. They are the typical and simple 3-reel machines in which, in land-based casinos or bars, you can only insert a coin and you have to pull a lever to make the reels start spinning. On these machines, you win or jackpot when 3 of the same images stop on the center line. They are the first slot machines and they were very popular in their day, so much so that all casinos wanted to have at least one in their gaming rooms and they became an icon synonymous with “casino” all over the world. In online casinos you can also find them, although much more modern than physical ones and they can offer you from 5 to many more pay lines or possible winning combinations in situs slot online.

Multiplicator or multi-coin machines

These types of machines are the most popular today, both in online casinos and in physical ones. The reason for this is that your chances of winning increase depending on how many coins you put in. So, for example, with this type of machine you are more likely to win in a $ 3 game than in 3 games of $ 1 each. There are many variations of these machines, but they can be summarized into 2 subtypes:

Machines with direct multipliers: they are the machines where the amount of coins inserted will be proportional to the prize you can win

Machines with bonus multipliers: With these machines, as you increase the amount of money you bet, the probability of winning will also increase. 

Progressive jackpot machines

With these types of machines, you can feel as if you are working as a team. Its operation basically is that with each bet you make, a part of that bet accumulates in the so-called “progressive jackpot pot”. This only happens when you make the maximum bet available, so the more coins are bet and the more players there are, the bigger this prize will be. So everyone who plays these types of machines is playing for the pot, which is much higher than the normal winnings. The disadvantage of these machines is that, precisely because many people are playing at the same time, the chances of winning are very low.