Slot Machines: Can They Be Cheated?

Ignoring the reasons you might have searched for and found this article, yes, there have been cases where slot machines have been manipulated in the past. 

However, technology has come a long way and slot developers tend to know every trick in the book, and as such, their designs today are full proof so if you were looking for an article that teaches you how to cheat video slots, this is not it. 

In fact, if you come across one that does claim to help you with ‘full proof’ slot machine hacks, we can confidently say it is a fraud!

While, even if you did find a way to hack a video slot game via a freak software glitch, you would likely be detected within minutes because not only are their prevention tools in place to stop people cheating, but also detection tools. 

Previous Examples of People Cheating Slot Machines

Now, before you think about trying any of the following video slot hacks listed below, we can assure you they will no longer work. 

If it isn’t being caught on CCTV in land based casinos stopping you, then it is software algorithms with complex codes for online casino slot games that will prevent you from finding out the outcome of the next spin. All these preventative and reactive measures have long been in place at gambling establishments to stop any of the below tricks from happening. 

That said, it is still interesting to see how people did manage to pull one over on the house back in the day which is exactly what we are going to look at!

Coin Tricks

In years gone by when slot machines were more mechanical than electrical, there were some coin tricks that could cheat machines. The coin on a string trick used to allow people to insert a coin and pull it back out again. This fooled the machine into thinking it had received the money and went viral around places like Vegas and Atlantic City.

Another way to cheat mechanical slots was to use magnets. These would somehow influence the cash dispensing feature of the machines to release more winnings than the player actually won. When a player son, the magnet would be places in the dispenser which would pull the cash holders out of place and out of sync thus sending more money the player’s way.

More Elaborate Schemes

Eventually, slot machines comprised more computer synthesized digital components alongside the mechanical ones. 

One of the early key features of these slot machines was a flaw that gave players the ability to stop the reels using magnets. However, this was an art as well as a skill. For most people, it was either impossible or just very difficult to master the split second timing needed to consistently stop the reels in the perfect position. 

On the other hand, for others, it came naturally, and it was these slot con artists that made a ton of profit. Yet, the scam was quickly quashed and the flawed machines redesigned fast.

Attempts at cheating slot games then went up a notch after that. Cheaters developed a cigarette lighter that had a secret device hidden within it. 

This lighter would emit an electromagnetic pulse that would confuse the machine and allow players to stop the reels as they saw fit. Again, that method is now impossible since manufacturers have added extra layers of protection to their machines, but it is surprising that they didn’t learn the first time around.

Exploiting Bugs/Glitches

Sometimes players do not have to even try too hard to exploit a slot game. They might not even play slots intending to cheat them. However, when a slot machine glitches or malfunctions in the favour of a player, many will take advantage. 

A video slot machine might allow you to bet but not reduce your credit counter. That means you are spinning for free. Only the most honest gamblers will inform staff and not take advantage. 

However, not telling anyone about the glitch could land in your hot water later when the casino notices the slot is out of sync, and when they roll back the data and discover it was your account, you could be banned for life.

How About Online Slot Games?

Whether you like to play Starburst, Mega Moolah, Dead or Alive II, Guns N Roses, Judi online or any other popular slot, know that cheating them has never been accomplished on these games. 

There are so many layers of software and security that manipulating the games or their RNG is practically impossible. RNGs are so sophisticated nowadays that the code makes it impossible to pull out the combination that will land on the next spin. 

Even if a hacker manages to get into the RNG algorithm, there are billions of combinations which would take months to solve using even the most advanced software. By that time, any successful hacker would have been caught before being able to run off into the sunset with a win that was worth their efforts.

The Takeaway

Playing online video slots or land based slots is always going to be down to luck. While it isn’t impossible that hackers will find a way to eliminate that element of luck by trying to cheat the slot. Yet, today online casinos know that they are a target for hackers and spare no expense on preventing hackers from getting anywhere near their casino game algos. 

As a result, we should accept that the only way to have control over our fortune is to practice bankroll management and hope for the best!