Poker with the Success: What You Can Expect

At the start of the tournament in question, the player receives a chance token, which allows him to add to his chip stack the same number of chips as will be given at the start of the tournament. The player can choose when to use his token not in the middle of the deal.

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The 2nd chance token must normally be used immediately if the original chips have run out and no later than the time specified by the 99onlinepoker room.

Progressive Knockout Tournament (PKO)

In a progressive Knockout tournament, part of the buy-in goes to the normal prize pool and part to players as “bounty” chips. The bounty increases progressively as a player drops other players out of the tournament. The dropper is allowed to put half of the won bounty immediately in his “pocket” and half goes into his own bounty. The bounty’s share of the participation fee is usually about 50%.


In Terminator tournaments, part of the entry fee goes to the normal payout and part to the bounty you receive when you drop a player.

Sit & Go tournaments

Sit & Go tournaments are played as one or more table tournaments and do not have a pre-determined start time, but the game starts immediately when the required number of players have registered.


For selected Casino Helsinki and Feel Vegas tournaments, qualifying tournaments will be held at Idn online poker, where you can win a seat to that live tournament. Sometimes live satellites are also played at the casino for casino tournaments. The names of the satellite winners will be announced to the poker room hosting the tournament. A separate certificate of participation will not be issued to the satellite winner. You can also go for the agen idn pokerin this case.

Deep Stack

The number of chips to start the tournament is higher than usual.

Structure i

The table used to raise the blinds used in the tournament.

TV Poker

Some of the tournaments in the casino’s Fennia Salon include streaming. The events at one table will be filmed and presented with a 15-minute delay on Veikkaus TV. By participating in such a tournament, the player agrees that he or she may be videotaped in the tournament and that his or her normally dark cards will appear in the streaming.

Cash games

Poker cash games are generally registered with the poker room supervisor. In some halls, registrations are accepted at the cashier of the arcade before the poker room opens. Chips are purchased from the table with cash or a debit card. Texas Hold’em No Limit and Omaha Pot Limit (with four or five cards) are the most popular games. The games are played with one and two dollar blinds. When playing with one dollar blinds, the minimum purchase is $ 20, when playing with two dollar blinds, $ 50.

For poker cash games, register with the administrator of the poker room downstairs in the casino. During poker weeks (e.g. Helsinki Freezeout, Fennia Grand Slam) cash games are played at Fennia Salon. When queued, the player sees the queuing situation on screens on different sides of the casino. When a seat becomes available at the game table, the player will be informed on those screens. While playing, a player can queue for another game. As mentioned above, the player must identify at reception. A photo ID is therefore included. Chips are purchased in cash at the table.