Poker in the Winning Step

Two pair is a very simple combination, as the name suggests consists of making a two pair of cards with a similar value. When 2 players have two pair, the winner is obviously the one who made it with the highest value.

1 pair

Unlike the previous pair, the winner is the one who makes the single pair with the highest value. This combination is obtained when you have two identical cards such as 2 aces or 2 jacks.

High card

Last but certainly not least is the Carta Alta. When a hand does not contain one of the winning combinations, the winner is the one who has the highest number of cards in his hand.

Bets In Poker

Now that you know the possible and winning combinations in Poker, we show you how the bets and therefore the hands in Poker happen. Before starting the game a certain amount of chips are distributed to the players to be used for betting on the following hands. Go for the poker sites no deposit bonus in this case.

The bets are structured as follows:

  • No Limit: Each player bets all the chips when he wants to act
  • Pot limit: The player can bet the maximum amount of the pot
  • Limit: Bets and raises are limited which means they cannot be chosen at the player’s discretion

You Play Them

Once the players have received the chips and the rules have been established, it is time to play, a Poker game is divided into hands which take place as follows:

  • In the first phase the players bid to participate in the game
  • In the second phase the first player sitting to the left of the dealer starts the new bets
  • In the third phase the minimum bet corresponds to the one imposed by the Big Blind
  • In the fourth phase we proceed with the Turn
  • In the fifth and last phase it is the turn of the River

In poker, players can perform the following actions:

Check: The player takes the initiative to pass without betting

Call: The player puts enough chips into the pot to cover the highest bet

Raise: You place a higher bet than the pot

Fold: You leave the poker table

In the last phase each player turns over his cards and the highest combination wins.

Split Or Draw

It may happen that in a match there are Split or Draws. If the hand of two or more players is identical, it is not possible to decree a winner, for this reason in Poker it is said that it is in Split, the amount is therefore split, that is divided equally between the players who have tied.

If the pot cannot be divided equally, the two players are dealt the same amount and the more the player who is in the position next to the dealer gets the most. In Texas Hold’em, you never look at the suit to decide the winner but the value of the hands.