How are online casino games tested for fairness?

When you start playing online casino games, it’s only reasonable to wonder how these emulations are made 100% fair. Of course, as with physical casinos, there will always be a house edge. However, for online casinos to operate legally, there need to be genuine opportunities for players to win – even the biggest of prizes.

If you’ve ever wondered how an NJ online casino (such as Resorts Casino) helps to keep things fair, the answer is actually very simple. Let’s take a closer look.

RTP programming

When it comes to slot games online, RTP (Return To Player) ratios are very important. This is an element in slots programming that enables games to deliver a specific amount of money to the host casino. However, it also ensures that players can, over the lifetime running of a game, expect to win at some point.

RTP will vary from game to game. Those games that pay big but infrequently are called high variance, for example. A reasonable RTP rate for players to look for is around 96% – anything higher than this means that a game is very generous overall, while lower than the threshold means that you are going to be very lucky indeed if you win.

Testing companies

By law, depending on where online casinos are based, games must submit to testing – casinos also – before people are allowed to play them for real money. Independent testing is largely arranged by gambling commissions. 

This means that testing panels will intensively play games to see if a slot game RTP, for example, matches up with the rates that developers state they offer. If they don’t, then it is back to the drawing board.

What online gamers can take solace from is the fact that this testing is industry-standard, and that it is illegal for casinos and games to launch without these checks.

It’s all about random numbers

Again, while all casinos and games produced will offer a house edge to ensure that profits are made, there always has to be an element of randomness. That’s why random number generators are built into many different games at online casinos.

This coding ensures that players can expect to win some of the time, and lose at others. It has been fine-tuned to emulate the real-life casino experience. Therefore, there are no clear ways for anyone to ‘cheat’ at these titles, or to try to ‘game’ the system. With that in mind, casino games online have become all the more enthralling.

If you are ever worried about whether or not the casino you play games at is fair or not, then make sure to check the commission details on the front page of any site you visit. If there is clear regulation in place, and the site has made it clear which organization oversees it, then you will have nothing to worry about.

The best part of all this, of course, is that players can always expect some chance of winning – it’s not rigged against them!