Games which you would find in online casinos

Casinos are no longer the game of the rich. Nowadays, every type of person can play in a casino. This is possible all because of online casinos. mobil casino türkiye offers different varieties of games to choose from, right from craps to poker. All these options are sure to make anyone confused. However, to make things easy for you, we have made a list of the types of games that you are sure to see in every casino.

Card Games

Card games have existed from the start of casinos and even before that. Card games were one of the attractions of casinos when they began to set up. Since then, there have been many additions to the regular card games in casinos. Most of them have been slight variations and modifications of the regular card games. They all revolve around the same set of rules. There are generally four players and the cards are equally dealt with each of them. The player who has the highest value on the card wins the round. Some of the popular card games include Blackjack.

Dice Games

Dice games have also witnessed a lot of players in the casinos. Dice is a game of chances. A dice consists of numbers from one to six on its sides. The dice are thrown and the face-up number wins. Sometimes, to make this game more thrilling, a couple of dices are thrown together instead of a single dice. The sum of both the dices is counted together to get the winner. Craps is one such dice game.

Spinning Wheels

Spinning wheels involves a large of players in a single round. Fifty-two sections have different numbers with different colors. The numbers are distributed randomly. A ball is rolled over the spinning wheel. The players bet on the numbers which they think the ball will land on. If the ball stops on the lucky number, the player is said to be the winner. The bets do not necessarily need to be on a particular number. It can also be a combination of colors and numbers. You can even choose between even or odd. If the chances of winning are less, you will get bigger rewards than winnings. Roulette is a spinning wheel game.


Based on your choices and preferences, you can choose your type of game. Else, you could visit mobil casino türkiye which offers games for both beginners and professionals.