Free spins: what they are and how they work


The term “free spins” means a lot to the online casino players. More precisely, we understand them as free spins but with which you can win real money. In fact, it is not a question of simply playing a slot in demo mode, but of having the possibility to play with free tokens. For Situs joker123  players, free spin is more than just anything.

Free spin means you can spin the reels for free

So, with free games you play in real mode and therefore the winnings are real. However, remember that not all free spins are created equal. Each casino can offer them under different conditions. Some may allow you to withdraw your winnings immediately, while others may require you to play your winnings a set number of times before you can withdraw them. One thing is certain: a tribute is always something more, so it should always be enjoyed in this spirit, regardless of the conditions set.

Are free spins better – free spins or no deposit bonus?

The challenge between free spins and no deposit bonuses is won without a doubt by the former. In fact, while the no deposit bonus is generally small, with the free spins you can make very high winnings, considering the prizes up for grabs of online slot machines. As you already know, Joker123 online slot generally offers prizes of up to thousands of dollars and sometimes even tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars, such as for progressive jackpot slots. However for all other slots free spins can be the spark that can still win very high prizes.

Welcome bonus and free spins compared

Another story is the comparison between welcome bonus and free spins. This comparison does not have a winner, as they are two very different types of promotions, so much so that sometimes both are offered at the same time. There are so many reasons to play free spins at the casino. Enhance the overall casino gaming experience and give you more chances to win. The welcome bonus in fact allows you to receive very high bonuses, but still requires you to make a deposit in order to receive it. 

Why do online casinos offer free spins?

Casinos have many good reasons to offer free spins. First, it’s a great way to introduce itself to new customers. If you like playing slots, wouldn’t you like to be able to play them for free and to top it off with the chance to cash out real money? Well, one of the reasons that make casinos offer free spins is to attract new customers. They do this by adding them to the welcome bonus or alternatively. What matters is that many legal online casinos offer slot machines to play with for free.