Free Spins and No Deposit Bonuses: two important terms

When we talk about Free Spins, we mean a variable number of spins that are granted but which are in all respects equivalent to paid spins: if you are lucky, thanks to a free spin you can win real money. Generally these free spins are a part of the Link casino bonuses offered by the dealers and are highly appreciated by the players. And after all, this is not surprising, given that the chance to win real money is given for free.

Why play free slots if I can’t win anything?

The reasons why a person is passionate about online slot machines can be numerous and what is certain is that they vary from person to person. So it is in the interest of the managers to make the whole offer known, and thanks to the free games they are given the opportunity to try the various products for free with the hope that the player will like them. However, if we asked ourselves the question above, it means that our main interest is to win at slots and not to play for fun. Even in this case, free games can be very useful.

We can in fact learn to know perfectly the slots on which we will then go to bet our money, learning all the various operating mechanisms and the rules of the Bonus Game or the best winning combinations. Therefore, while not winning anything, we can exploit what we can consider a real favor to our advantage.

How to play free slots?

Playing free slot machines is extremely simple and often does not require any registration or software installation. Let’s not forget the fact that some portals may not have fully updated system, but we are certainly talking about a minority. The game starts immediately and all you have to do is set the virtual bet and start spinning the reels of the slot. Depending on the PC used, slight resolution or image quality problems may arise that you can adjust by adjusting the screen settings. Most free slots require Flash player to work, so make sure you have the latest version or a recent version of the codec installed. Other times the game can slow down: this can happen due to server overload. Just wait a few minutes and reload.

Slots can also be launched via Smartphone or tablet. In this case the choice may be slightly lower than the desktop because these devices do not support flash player. Therefore, the portal must also distribute the version optimized for iOS and Android devices. Don’t worry too much; nowadays most online casinos are also optimized for mobile playback and any limitations are now exceptions to the general rule.