Fine Options for the Smart bets


For single bets the win is calculated very simply, i.e. the odds are multiplied by the stake, for example if the odds are 2.50 and the bet is 100 dollars then the win is 2.50 x 100 dollars = 250 dollars.

In multiple 은꼴 bets, several matches on the same ticket, it complicates things a bit, namely all odds must be multiplied between them after which the resulting figure is multiplied by the stake, for example if we bet 100 dollars on the victory of the following teams at odds:

  • 1.50 – Steaua
  • 2.20 – Real Madrid
  • 1.45 – Ajax
  • 1.80 – Manchester City
  • 1.20 – FC Barcelona

Total odds are: 1.50 x 2.20 x 1.45 x 1.80 x 1.20 = 10.33which at a stake of 100 dollars represents a possible win of 10.33 x 100 dollars =   1033 dollars.

The amount of 1033 dollars seems beautiful but we must keep in mind that it is won only if the 5 teams win their matches, if one of them draws or loses then the ticket is declared lost.

Types of bets found in the offer of bookmakers

Now that you know what sports betting is and how you can win money from it, we also present the types of bets you can bet on and what they represent. The offer of serious sports bookmakers contains for the important championships ( Premier League , La Liga , Serie A ) over 100 types of bets.

Final result – This is the most important type of bet and on which most bettors bet, depending on the sport it can be represented as 1X2 (football) or 12 (tennis). On the football results pagewe present you a lot of matches that you could have bet on so that if you want to see the result for a bet you can do it by accessing this page.

  • 1 – Winning host team or player 1.
  • X – Draw
  • 2 – Winning away team or player 2.

Double Chance – This is also a bet as the Final Result only contains two options namely:

1X – Team 1 wins or finishes in a tie

12 – Team 1 or 2 wins

X2 – Team 2 wins or finishes in a tie

Correct Score

As the name suggests this type of bet is bet on the result at the end of the 90 minutes of play, you should know that this type of bet refers only to the 90 minutes of play without overtime or penalty. The odds for the correct score are quite high but the risks are commensurate.

Correct score Pause / End – A type of bet that displays odds but also the risks are commensurate and to win you have to “guess” the score at the break and end, I used the term “guess” because in my opinion this type of bet it involves more luck than analysis.