Fairplay Review: Prime Betting website in India

Betting and gambling have been part of our ancient world heritage from time immemorial. Most of the gambling was in person in specific places. As the years have gone by and the world has become more intermingled with technological advancements, a significant chunk of betting has shifted online. This shift has changed the game, and more and more people are getting on the train of betting and winning. Fairplay has shifted the landscape of the betting and gambling community. Offering top-notch services, this exchanging house of Fairplay has become the top betting website in India. The platform has intermingled exchanges like Meta traders, lotus, lords, etc. 

Rise of Fairplay

Fairplay was established in the year 2020. Since covid-19 hit the world, there was a need to take betting indoors in the safety of people’s houses. Fairplay is your one-stop destination for sports betting and casino gambling. Unlike the offline mode of betting, online gambling provides an innate sense of security and accountability. Fairplay has eliminated the risk factors of offline gambling and provides a more secure environment for indulging in the pleasures of gambling. Their sportsbook is excessive, and no other betting service in India is as splendid as The Fairplay. Currently, it is one of the best betting sites for Indian users, but they are on the road to venture into Asian, Asian-pacific, European, and other international markets.

Portfolio of the Fairplay

Unlike any other website in India, Fairplay offers multiple sports and casino gambling. They have extended their services into Cricket, football, tennis, and horse racing in a mere year of operation. The site also offers to gamble and try your luck in elections. One can also indulge in live casino games like Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, game shows, and backup. Fairplay also offers live card games like teen Patti, poker, seven up-down, 32 card casino, Andar bahar. Being an exchange, Fairplay provides the best odds in the market. Unlike all the other sites and clubs, you bet against other players and not against the house.

Security review

Fairplay is more or less extraordinarily safe and has eliminated the risks of fraudulent activities to a bare minimum. They deal in a highly authentic and risk-averse way. Fairplay claims to have acquired a gaming license. Customers’ credentials are kept highly classified and confidential. The customer’s financial condition or personal information is kept safe. An officer from the team is appointed with the customer in bets; any communication between the two is encrypted. It also offers a genuine level playing field to the customers as the numbers produced in settings are random number generators (RNG). Cross payment, deposits, or withdrawals are incredibly safe and operated through secure gateways like net banking, g pay, other digital wallets, and cryptocurrencies.

Fairplay’s money deposit

The payment options provided by Fairplay are extensive and comprehensive. Users can use PayPal, Google pay, cryptocurrency, and other digital wallets like PhonePe. Users can safely deposit with a minimum threshold of INR1000 and a maximum of INR50000. Bank transfers can have deposits without any limits.

Fairplay’s Withdrawal facilities

Fairplay’s website is straightforward to understand and use. The withdrawal icon on the right side can enable you to pull money safely. One can start from withdrawing INR1000 onwards.

Foreign exchange

This online betting site in India mainly deals in the Indian currency, but foreign customers can deal with the website using cards. PayPal also enables cross-border betting experiences since it supports a plethora of foreign currencies. This feature makes it one of the best online gambling sites for India for local customers.

Fairplay’s portfolio 

Live cards

One can bet in iconic games of poker and teen Patti alongside a plethora of other card games like seven ups down, Dar bahar, 32 card casino. Even if you are a novice, the website offers tutorials and how-to’s to learn and ace the games. You can win real money playing these games. One can also indulge in tournaments and live events to awaken a community and give an adrenaline rush.


The most extensive sportsbook in a betting website in India, Fairplay offers to bet on games like Cricket, horse racing, football, tennis, etc. Since Cricket is one of India’s most widely played sports, Fairplay provides the best cricket bettingodds. It also lives streams live games. It also provides live data of the match to keep track. Fairplay has aligned multiple sports games and taken the historic art of gambling on sports to the next level.

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