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Betting in any form is deemed to be illegal in some countries. But in France, it is not banned instead it is widely accepted by many. This is due to its rich history as one of the originators of betting games that are popular today like roulette.

The Gambling Laws in France

Previously, all the gaming houses are monopolized by the French government. But after passing the Gambling Act (Law No. 2010-476), it abolished the government’s control over these, and some non-government entities started to apply for licensing their gaming houses both on-site and online. This act even leads to the creation of the Regulatory Authority for Online Games (ARJEL) who is tasked to license and regulate any online betting sites in France. The passing of this law does not include any traditional games like roulette, slots, and table games to be present in any licensed online gaming platforms because of its potentiality to be addictive to the players. Even though the act was deemed important by the players, it has some downsideswhich are the high imposition of taxes particularly on pokers and sports bettingthatconsequentlyleads to the closure of some gaming houses. The players’ pool is also restricted to be shared in other countries which cut off theFrench players from the international poker scene. Hence, both licensed and unlicensed online betting sites, which are usually run off-shore, are operating in the French betting industries.

3 Criteria of a Licensed Online Betting Site

  • Acknowledged  by a Licensed Gambling Regulatory Entity

A licensed betting site is operated by an on-site gaming house that isacknowledged by an internationally acclaimed gambling regulatory entity found in the webpage of the International Association of Gaming Regulators (IAGR).

  • Responsive Customer Service Support 

This feature is one of the measurements in marking the credibility of a betting site because they are focusing solely on the users’comfort.

  • Secured URL with Clear and DetailedContent

The following features must be present on the site for it to be considered secure.

  • A padlock icon before the URL.
  • The site must begin with https: because the “s” there stands for “secure connection” depicting the presence of Total Layer Security (TLS) or Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) (TLS/SSL) encryption technology that inhibits interception from any third parties.
  • No broken linksand the content of the site must be free of grammatical errors.
  • The ownership and its policies must be clear and should ensure the rights of the users.
  • The withdrawal method must be seamless, secure, and flexible.

Online Betting: Cryptocurrency the Ideal Mode of Payment

Due to its strict privacy, robust security, high convertibility, untouchability (decentralized),easy divisibility of value, and transparency, cryptos have become the new method of payment in online betting. If you are looking for a betting site with a flexible payment method and hands-on customer service with bonuses, visit Viggoslots.