Does the volatility rate affect the slot bonus rounds?


For many expert slot players, the volatility of a game is an important factor in deciding whether to play or not. There are so many other features to look out for, but the volatility is of great import, especially when you’re playing fun slot games with bonus features to make money.

But apart from affecting payouts, you may be wondering if volatility affects other factors like the bonus rounds. To get the answer to this, we have to understand what volatility means and how it affects slots. Also, for the newbies who might just be coming across the term “volatility” for the first time, we will explain what it means.

What is Volatility?

When discussing slot machines, you can refer to volatility as the risks involved. The term is used to explain how risky playing a slot game can be.

Some slots pay out very often while some don’t. You will also find some that pay very huge wins and others that give only small prizes. The volatility is the term that describes all of this.

In simple terms, the volatility is the factor that determines how huge and often a slot game will pay out.

If you have been playing online slots for long, you must have also noticed that slots that give huge wins rarely pay out. But slots that pay only little prizes pay more often. This is so to bring a balance.

Those slots that pay huge wins but rarely are highly volatile. The risks involved in playing such games are high. You stand to lose more money but also can gain a very large amount.

The ones that pay low involves very low risks. You win small wins very often. So, even though you lose some, you can gain some little cash too.

So, what does volatility of slots have to do with the bonus rounds?

Relationship between volatility and bonus rounds of slots

To see a connection between both slot features, you must look at it from the perspectives of payouts. You certainly understand now that the volatility determines how large and how often one should expect payouts from a slot.

On the other hand, bonus rounds are opportunities to make more cash. Bonus rounds are extra games that you are given to play without having to wager your own money. To get them most times, you have to combine particular symbols on the reels.

Thus, while volatility determines how much and how often you can win from slots, bonus rounds give you the chance to increase your wins from slots.

When a slot is of low volatility, very low prizes are expected from it often. This means that in such games, you may be able to trigger more bonus rounds often to create chances for wins. However, the wins will be mostly small prizes.

But for slots of high volatility, you don’t expect to win often. This means there will also be fewer chances to win. Thus, you should also expect the bonus rounds to trigger less often in these slots. But whenever they trigger, you may get very huge wins.