Debunking Myths Of Online Slots

Online Slots games have increased in popularity among people of all ages worldwide, earning them several myths. Whenever things get popular, there are sure to be some myths or misconceptions about it floating around. Some people make up fake advice just for attention, while some blindly pass it on, not knowing that it was a lie. Several of these myths have spread online, making players confused about what to believe. So here we are going to debunk some commonly believed myths that are misleading slot game players:

The slot machine goes through the ‘cold’ and ‘hot’ phases. There is the belief that the slot machine eventually goes through different phases. After it has been giving a lot of losses, the belief is that it eventually will give good results. This is not true as the machine usually gives results as per the random number that is given to all players. This number is unique for every player. This number causes every single spin experienced by the player to be completely random. So there are no phases as everything done by the slot machine is completely random.

  • The player can increase their odds of winning by stopping the slot machine reels mid-spin.

From the very moment the player starts the game, complex algorithms have already decided what the final result of the game will be. Stopping the spins in between does not change that result, even when there’s an abrupt stop to the spin. Since these spins are governed by a randomly generated number, it treats every spin as a unique event and makes each spin different and unique.

  • Land-based slot machines give better payoffs than online slot machine.

This statement could not be more contradictory to the truth than it already is. With all the fancy decor, high power running charges, and the staff needed to maintain land-based slot machines at casinos. Even lesser money goes to the player as compared to an online slot machine. The RTP ratio or Return To Player ratio of an online slot machine is 97%. With this high RTP ratio, winning and prices are much more. Especially as compared to Land-based slot machines that have an RTP ratio of only 75%, this ratio is much lower, meaning lower prices, lesser number of winnings and returns on the player’s money.

Given all these myths, it makes the player think; Is there nothing they could do to change their chances of winning at all? No, not necessarily! This may even be a good thing since all the results of the game are completely random. A player could be lucky to keep winning the top prices in several different ways. After all, even the chances of winning are pretty random enough.

The player can also choose slot games with lower volatility to win more often. A lower volatility means that the player will win much more easily and often, but the prices will be smaller. Games with high volatility are difficult to win, but the prices are high and well worth it.