Choosing iGaming & Real Gaming Agents in Malaysia – A Brief Guide!

If you are planning to go to a casino and have just come from another place where you are all set to play, then you probably ask the question, “What is a casino agent in Malaysia?”.

The answer to this question will definitely help you out in making your trip more enjoyable. Specifically, an agent in Malaysia is the one who makes a deal between a tourist and a casino. To help you with your search, here are some tips:

  • Be very particular about the agent you choose. There are two kinds of agents: local and non-local. Local agents are the ones who work directly with the casino and its related license. They are also tasked to work on their behalf with licensed online casinos. These agents are generally updated about the most recent happenings in the online casino world.
  • Ask for the profile of your casino’s agent. Get to know more about the person. Look at his profile and ask some important questions. The profile should include his contact information, his email address, his telephone number, his gaming system preferences, his preferred payment method, and his software or hardware preference.
  • Make sure that your agent is not connected with any company that offers casino referral services. Do not let them recommend any casino to you. These companies do not update their lists. Agents affiliated with such companies may not be very objective. They might even recommend you to the next biggest casino in Thailand.
  • Check if your agent is licensed by the Gaming Commission of Malaysia. They regulate all the casinos in the country. They make sure that all the casinos follow the set rules and regulation from the beginning. If an agent is not licensed by the GCT, do not make him work for your resort. This is one of the main reasons why customers are having problems with their casino choices.
  • It is not compulsory for agents to be Thai. It does not matter whether he is Thai or not. You should ask why he thinks he has the qualification to represent you. Also, ask for a list of ex-agents.
  • There are several agencies which are responsible for providing foreign contractors to the casinos. You should know who they are. Find out if your chosen agent belongs to any of these agencies.
  • Try online casino on your mobile. All you need is a casino agent that will hook you up to popular casinos such as Mega888 reviewed on You just need to go to a cash deposit machine, send the money, then send the agent the receipt for your payment. From here, the agent will confirm receipt and top up your account immediately. Then you can head over to Mega888 and start playing live dealer and video slot titles via your mobile once you download the Android or iOS app.

In fact, knowing the basic requirements of what a casino agent in Koh Samui? can provide you with the best value for your money. The agents working for a particular casino are trained to provide assistance to casino players. As they are well aware of the games and the techniques on how to play them, they can always get you a good deal. They are not only after earning money, but also making you feel comfortable when you are inside the casino.

How would you know that the agent you have chosen would be genuine? There are ways by which you could know. First, you could ask for some feedback from your friends and family. If they had been lucky enough to experience a first-hand dealing with an agent, they could surely share their experiences with you. Chances are that the casino agent they dealt with had been a very good one.

  • Check out the license of the agent as well. Would it be valid for all the casinos in the area? Make sure that it would be honoured by other contractors. A good agent would make sure to do this.
  • The next thing that you need to check is the background of the agent. You could easily check online for feedback regarding his work and his previous employers. You could even look at past jobs profiles of these agents and see how successful or unsuccessful they were. Experience counts here as well. Most importantly, do not choose an agent who does not have any experience at all.

It is your right to get the answer to the question, “What is a casino agent in Koh Samui?” The point is to take control of the situation. Do not sit idly by while others steal your hard-earned cash. Make sure that you are well informed of what is a casino in Koh Samui before you even visit one. Once you have an idea of the ins and outs, you would be able to make a much better decision.