Betting With Analysis, Why Is it Important?

Why is analysis in sports betting so important? The first thing to do is to explain the importance of analytics to anyone who says sports betting are all about chance. Of course there is an element of luck in sports betting, that is undeniable. And that’s what makes no bet ever 100% sure.

But those who say a sport betting is a game of chance are unfamiliar with their subject. It is obvious that playing sports betting is much less based on chance than when validating a grid. In case of the Kings Casino, the 은꼴  bonus subscription is the best deal for you.

So why do they say it’s chance?

Because they haven’t understood the key role of analysis in sports betting. It is because you are going to make a good analysis of the meeting that you will reduce the uncertainty linked to chance.

  • However, we should not tell ourselves a story, even with the best analysis in the world, zero risk does not exist. You will never win 100%, even 90% of your bets in the long run is impossible.
  • And those who sell you near 100% success rates are impostors, or worse, crooks.
  • The reality is that by analyzing matches the right way, you significantly increase your chances of success.

Win bet thanks to analysis

How to properly analyze a match?

At this point, you may be wondering how to analyze a meeting? And even to analyze it properly, as long as it is needed.

  • Maybe you are just wondering which site to go to. You might also be wondering what an analysis is.
  • After all, you are not supposed to guess what criteria you need to take into account in order to pass your analysis.
  • What is certain is that to properly analyze a meeting, you may have criteria that will seem obvious to you.

When you go into an analysis, you are going to look at some statistics that you find interesting. You will also listen to what is being said in the media about this event, ie follow the news. This means that spontaneously you already know globally what an analysis is, perhaps even without realizing it. In this article we will go a little further than all that, you will find more criteria on which to base your analysis. In order to allow you to predict in a serene way the outcome of a match.

Dating history

These are the face to face (or “head-to-head”) between the two teams or the two players, ie the result in their previous confrontations. It’s interesting to take into account because it can reveal a certain hierarchy. Especially it happens that it makes it possible to detect the “bête noire” effect.


What is the bête noire effect? don’t worry, it’s not racist at all. This is a favorite team that is struggling to win against a presumed weaker team. Because of this “bête noire” effect, in this kind of matches it can be interesting to bet on a surprise, a draw for example. For example in Ligue 1 over the 2013 and 2014 seasons, PSG systematically lost their confrontations against Nancy, however presumed inferior. Of course, this example is no longer relevant, and it’s up to you to look for the pet peeves that exist.